We depend on feedback from our Clients to learn how we can serve them better.

We proactively listen to our Clients as much as possible to understand how we can do better in serving them. We believe that the best source for advice on improving our services is our Clientele themselves. Who better to understand the gaps and shortcoming than the ones who have been affected by it? And who better to point out the winning points and strengths than the ones who have benefited from it? At Syntiaro, our way of doing business is to take input from the ones we serve, to learn how we can serve them better.

Trusted by 1000+ clients, 10000+ users in 5 countries

Marriott Resorts

Syntiaro provided us with the all in one ERP system to track, manage, automate, and complete our scheduled tasks with appropriate resources. We can now easily track the inventory to predetermine the future requirements and take proactive decisions to keep our customers satisfied. Syntiaro is a great value for money.

Durga Cafe

The collaboration among my employees has improved since the time we are implementing Syntiaro in our business process. Syntiaro has united our team members to work closely with the other departments in our organization. Plus tally integration and mobile app has given us mobility and reduced our paper work.

Cafe Marathi

The Syntiaro has transformed the work environment of our business. We are extremely satisfied with the automation which Syntiaro has brought in our daily time-consuming tasks. Now sharing business information between departments have become easy for us to complete the tasks within time.

Somnath Hotel

With a web-based and cloud-based Syntiaro, the performance of my employees is visible on one single platform. With the assistance of the Syntiaro team, It became possible for my team to adapt to the new ERP technology in their workflow. I highly recommend Syntiaro to my fellow real estate developers.

Radha Krishna Resort

I would recommend Syntiaro for everyone who is looking out to have a huge technological support in their business administration and management.