Unlock Your Restaurant With Digital Ordering !

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Unlock Your Restaurant With Digital Ordering !

Maximize your revenue with a fully integrated Restaurant POS System

Syntiaro solution offering you a complete choice of services which include cloud base ,easy Billing System,friendly payment processing Services For Restaurant. Syntiaro POS manages all your operations efficiently so that you can focus on growing your brand, like a real boss and! With Syntiaro POS module, you can manage stock at your central hub. You can raise stock requests to your kitchen as well as monitor raw material conversion to semi-prepared items - all included in the basic POS .Your outlet alert you when minimum amount of stock at any point of time to manage a sudden influx of orders. Ensure that you never run out of key ingredients with configurable alerts that let you know when your stock is about to be depleted.

Menu Management & Item Modifiers

Thinking about menu management? Go no further because eZee restaurant software allows creating as many as menus depending on the food and beverage.

What do I get with Menu Management and Item Modifiers?

  • Categorize items according to menu group and menu sub group.
  • Create and save different menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner or any other session.
  • Create various combos by adding modifier items.
  • Add up to 5 different rates to an item for inventory tracking.
  • Set different rates for dine in, delivery, take away and room service.
  • Create and save recipes which displays the raw material and ingredient used per recipe.
  • Set different tax rates to different items.

Inventory and Stock Management

The sophisticated inventory and stock management module of POS Restaurant software lets you efficiently manage the stock, decrease wastage and track items. It keeps you up to date with the inventory levels and see the fluctuating demands in your store, allowing for better cost saving decisions.

What can I do with Inventory and Stock management feature?

  • Real-time inventory and ingredient tracking.
  • Set minimum stock and maximum stock.
  • Initiate transfer between different sub stores or departments from the main store.
  • Update stock rates according to last purchase/average/weighted average.
  • Define user authorization rights for issuing/purchasing of stock items.
  • Track and maintain intermediate and manufacturing items.
  • Detailed reports highlighting waste/damage items.
  • Automatic update in stock and inventory as per consumption.

Advanced Reporting

Get access to advance set of reports which cover sales, purchases, inventory, profit and loss statements, etc. which can be generated on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually basis.

What are the different types of report I can get with this system ?

  • More than 200 reports in the system gives a 360 degree view of the establishment.
  • Transaction report gives transaction details taking place from the POS system
  • The gift card report will show you a report of all the gift cards used
  • The banquet report will show you the complete analysis of banquet bookings
  • Void transaction report gives details of all the voided transaction with the user details
  • If you require any other specific report, we can customize the report for you

Managerial Reports

Dedicated to the managers and hotel owners, the managerial reports gives you a quick glance on the business current status along with detailed analysis about total income, income source expenses and more helping to analyze profiting sources of income along with insights to guest moment and guest behaviour.

Giving you further edge on user and hotel guests you can get various detailed reports like:

  • Payments - All the payment accepted and executed
  • Taxes - All the taxes collected, paid and due
  • Audit & Void - Indicating details on current audits and void orders
  • Sales Summary - At glance report on income and expenditure
  • City Ledger Register - Particularities about associated corporate accounts Back to All Features

Notification via SMS & Email

The notification module allows you to send out important notifications via SMS and email such as services offered at your establishment or notifying management with daily reports and updates.

What kind of notification will I get?

  • Confirmation notification for table reservation.
  • Banquet reservation notification.
  • Notification to head office/management of daily reports and other updates.
  • Receive feedback related notification.

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Your kitchen staff does not need misplaced paper tickets or badly written hand written notes to decipher. Regardless of what the order type is, with our restaurant system software, the kitchen receives the order instantly in the Kitchen Display System.

How is Kitchen Display System useful to me?

  • Authorization/Kitchen/Checker mode.
  • View mode for Current, Pending and Order served list.
  • Ability to transfer and display menu items according to item types or menu groups.

Restaurant Operating System

Syntiaro helps all types of food businesses, from a standalone food outlet to a large food chain, manage functions like billing, QR Code Ordering Platform, CRM, Customer Loyalty, Aggregators integrations, Analytics, Inventory, Recipe, and Wastage Management, Centralized Menu Management, Vendor Management and more. We have successfully registered a global presence, with more than 1500+ clients in over 15+ cities.

Owner App with Dashboard

Desktop and Mobile POS with Cloud Sync

Inventory and Stock Management

24 X 7 Support

Imperative business features covered under our modules

Each module covers a wide array of crucial business functions.


Syntiaro Restaurant management POS software

Improving performance & profitability is the key strategy to run restaurant business profitability. Syntiaro restaurant POS software helps you to track all your restaurants and manage them from one integrated POS software.

  • User Friendly

    • Simple user interface designs enhance user experience. This makes sure even a new recruit can use the application without any training.
  • Setup by Sign Us

    • Sign Up for the Restaurant POS and the application is ready to use. Everything is configurable and with default setup,you can run the application immediately.

Highly secured Restaurant POS management software

Having a tight control on the cash and to make sure all orders are being billed are the most important operational importance for restaurants.

  • Security management

    • Data is stored locally in the cloud. So, that it makes your customer data safe & secure.
  • Cash management

    • Manages daily expenses, cash and credit payments to keep track of the company cash flow.
  • Powerful integration

    • Syntiaro provide the powerful integration restaurant POS software with the most powerful platforms needed for the smooth functioning of your restaurant.

Speed your service with a flexible POS system

Automate your restaurant’s front of house operations syntiaro unified POS system

  • Maintain order accuracy and generate instantaneous Kitchen Order Tickets (KOT)
  • Generate split bills on demand and facilitate easy transfer between tables
  • Analyze the item-wise demand and boost restaurant profits by upselling the most preferred items on the menu
  • Track and optimize table turnaround time to serve maximum customers

Our Outlet Types

Restaurant Management POS is built for all types of restaurant sizes and formats from single outlets to 100+ outlet chains. Select your format to see how Syntiaro Solution can help you run better.