Cloud Based Restaurant POS!

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Cloud Based Restaurant POS!


Key Features of Cloud Based Restaurant POS

Each Feature covers a wide array of crucial business functions.

Operation Types

There is following types of operation

  • Dine In
  • Take Away
  • Delivery

With our fully featured restaurant management software, it will become a straight forward task to manage customer payments based on their order type. So whether its Dine-In, Take Away and Delivery we add flexibility and convenience to whatever you do.

Menu Management & Item Modifiers

POS Software allows creating as many as menus depending on the food and beverage.

Create and save recipes which displays the raw material and ingredient used per recipe.

Set different tax rates & discounts to different items.

Table Reservation Management

Get the flexibility of reserving the table by seeing a complete picture of your restaurant’s floor.

Table reservation via QR Codes, Customers can order from their table by simply scanning a QR code.

Inventory and Stock Management

Complete full or partial inventory counts, and speed things up by performing multiple counts at the same time.

See stock on hand, low stock information and inventory levels to help you make better decisions about your inventory.

Inventory tracking is essentially the process of moving quantities of item variations between the different inventory states Accept Payment.

Banquet Management

If your hotel hosts regular events, the Banquet Management Module is a perfect for running all your banquet related operations.

Report & Analytics

Get access to advance set of reports which cover sales, purchases, inventory, profit and loss statements, etc. which can be generated on daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually basis.

Kitchen Display System (KDS)

Your kitchen staff does not need misplaced paper tickets or badly written handwritten notes to decipher. Regardless of what the order type is, with our Hotel Management Software, the kitchen receives the order instantly in the Kitchen Display System.

Notification via SMS & Email

The notification module allows you to send out important notifications via SMS and Email such as services offered at your establishment or notifying management with daily reports and updates.

What kind of notification will I get?

  • User & Supplier will get SMS notifications automatically if your stock is out of stock.
  • You can send notification to give any offer or discount to the customer.
  • Banquet reservation notification.

Remote Operation

Anytime, Anywhere Secure Access.

All your data is stored securely in the cloud so you can manage your business in real-time at home or relaxing on the beach.

Franchise Management

A Restaurant point of sale that lets you manage orders, bills, production and wastage, accounts - all in one place. Give your customers a great check-out experience with the Android, iPad and Web POS. Carry business reports in your pockets and access them anytime, anywhere with the Mobile POS.

What Our Clients Say!

Trusted by 300+ clients, 1000+ users in India

Marriott Resorts

Syntiaro provided us with the all in one ERP system to track, manage, automate, and complete our scheduled tasks with appropriate resources. We can now easily track the inventory to predetermine the future requirements and take proactive decisions to keep our customers satisfied. Syntiaro is a great value for money.

Durga Cafe

The collaboration among my employees has improved since the time we are implementing Syntiaro in our business process. Syntiaro has united our team members to work closely with the other departments in our organization. Plus tally integration and mobile app has given us mobility and reduced our paper work.

Cafe Marathi

The Syntiaro has transformed the work environment of our business. We are extremely satisfied with the automation which Syntiaro has brought in our daily time-consuming tasks. Now sharing business information between departments have become easy for us to complete the tasks within time.

Somnath Hotel

With a web-based and cloud-based Syntiaro, the performance of my employees is visible on one single platform. With the assistance of the Syntiaro team, It became possible for my team to adapt to the new ERP technology in their workflow. I highly recommend Syntiaro to my fellow real estate developers.

Radha Krishna Resort

I would recommend Syntiaro for everyone who is looking out to have a huge technological support in their business administration and management.